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We’ll always pay later

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Every town in the Eagle Valley is experiencing growing pains: little affordable housing, clogged streets and too few employees to keep our communities running as smoothly as we’d all like.

Growth is inevitable, they say. Growth also never, ever seems to pay for itself.

Even in Vail, a relatively tiny town bursting with a $44 million budget, can’t seem to glean enough money from the millions upon millions of new buildings going up.

Some Town Council members want to tax new construction, saying they can’t keep up with all the town’s shiny, new hotels, condos and shopping buildings.

Edwards residents have long complained about traffic on the Edwards Spur Road. Turning left out of the Riverwalk shopping center seems virtually impossible at times.

Eagle and Gypsum have more than doubled in population in the past 10 years. So has the traffic. Traffic heading to I-70 backs up all the way toward the south part of Eagle most weekday mornings, and that that half-hour upvalley commute nowadays is taking more like 40, 45 minutes. Gypsum has similar problems on its main roads.

And the Ginn Co. can throw all the money, new water plants, sidewalks and rec centers it wants at Minturn residents. But if that development comes in, and it’s looking likely, you can bet Minturn residents will be left wondering why they didn’t ask for more.

So let local politicians be warned, when they are lured by promises of more sales tax revenue, new traffic circles and money to hire more cops: make sure they can get as much for their town as they can get.

And then ask for a little bit more.

Even then, it won’t be enough.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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