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Well-known electronic artist returns to Vail’s Samana Lounge

Special to the DailyMark Farina's trademark style, dubbed "Mushroom Jazz," is acid jazz infused with the West Coast's jazzy, organic productions combined with urban beats.

Mark Farina returns to Samana Lounge for Snow Daze weekend. He performs at the Bridge Street venue Friday night.

Farina has been a staple in Samana’s entertainment calendar over the past few years.

“Every time Mark comes to Vail he puts on a great show with his signature style of house music,” said Samana’s talent buyer Ross Cohen. “He is the master of getting the entire bar – including the bartenders, waitresses, door guys and most importantly, our patrons – dancing.”

Farina’s career began in 1988 shortly after he befriended house music legend Derrick Carter at a record store in Chicago. Soon after his passion for house music, and sharing it with the world, exploded.

Farina experimented with a deeper style, dropping De La Soul, disco classics and other stuff that wasn’t being played in the main rooms of nightclubs. While exploring his love for the purist forms of house music, Farina developed his trademark style, dubbed “Mushroom Jazz,” which is acid jazz infused with the West Coast’s jazzy, organic productions combined with urban beats. The unique sound sets him apart from other electronic artists.

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Fans embraced his downtempo style so much that he started a weekly mushroom jazz club night in San Francisco with Patty Ryan. In three short years, the club established a fanatical, cult-like following for Farina and the Mushroom Jazz sound. When the doors closed, Farina continued the tradition by releasing a series of CDs on OM Records: simply titled, “Mushroom Jazz.”

Since then, he has traveled the globe, performing hundreds of shows, to over one million club goers, every year. His house sets take fans on journeys to the jazzy side of Chicago house mixed San Fran style. Some of these sets have been known to last up to 8 hours. And sometimes you’ll find Farina playing in two different rooms at the same party, showcasing his range of big room sound to the uber-chill.

When Farina’s not touring, you can likely find him in his studio, working on his next release for his imprint, Great Lakes Audio, or on another signature mix.

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