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We’re all dreaming of white ski slopes

Lourdes FerzaccaVail, CO, Colorado

On one of the town of Vail buses the other day, there were several out-of-town skiers talking about the snow conditions.During their conversation, a man with a measuring stick came climbed on the bus. Finally, one of the skiers couldnt hold back and asked Whats the base at now? The man clutching his measuring device remarked, Well, I dont know, we use this for measuring kids in ski school. Everyone in Vail, whether a local or a visitor, has had to adapt to this years early conditions. The town of Vail signs that flash Think Snow state what everyone is obviously thinking. Snow doesnt just mean better skiing, but for a town that hinges on tourism, snow brings wallets and purses to the business community. This year started off slowly with a petty sprinkling of snow accumulating. With a disappointing measurement of snow for Thanksgiving weekend, many in the business community were waiting for the snow to bring people and business to town. The traditionally busy Thanksgiving weekend was instead sunny and bright. In most other parts of the country this would have been welcomed and greatly appreciated. Instead, members of the business community had very few visitors to welcome to town. For a town in which two-thirds of its annual business is generated during the ski season, snow is the motivating factor.In dealing with the business community, the Vail Chamber fields many calls directly proportionate to the amount of snowfall. Most calls, no matter what they are about, always end with the same question, What is falling from the sky these days? Phone calls increase exponentially when the Denver Broncos are on Monday Night Football and snow is piled up on along the walls of the field, or for instance, when the Colorado Rockies made it to the World Series. October snowfall increased the amount of calls, even though the mountain was a month away from opening. People all over the country tune in, see snow, and think vacation.The local community is affected by the snowfall as well. Turn It Up! customer service training class registrations were through the roof the first week that forms were available, mainly because of the snowfall the previous weekend. Although the mountain was weeks away from opening, locals wanted to get their Merchant Ski Pass as soon as possible. As things began to dry up, November passed quickly and some were stuck without making it to the class. The snowfall last week will hopefully only increase and bring the tourists with it. December is supposed to be snowy, and most lodges in town are booked solid during Christmas. So lets think White Christmas and dont forget to do your snow dances.Lourdes Ferzacca is president of the Vail Chamber & Business Association board of directors.

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