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We’re coming back to Vail, but …

Rick Dyson
Vail, CO, Colorado

My family and I were lucky enough to visit Vail last week. The kids were on spring break, there were great deals

to be had and, of course, awesome powder.

Everyone we met working at our hotel, at restaurants and on the mountain was more than friendly. It made our trip a real joy, and as we live in Boulder, we’ll return as often as we can.

There was one very notable exception, however. Some friends were visiting, and I walked down to a place for some beer. I asked for a specific brand, and the cashier informed me that they didn’t carry it but I should try another he carried of the same type. I did.

But when we opened a bottle back at the room, it tasted skunky and quite bad. I walked back down to the place and, after explaining that the beer was not up to our expectations, asked him to exchange it.

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He refused and rudely told me that he couldn’t sell it as one of the beers had been opened. Well, of course I had to open it to try it, I told him. He then asked if I wanted to buy another kind. I told him I’d be going elsewhere.

After returning to Boulder, I asked a friend at a local liquor store what their policy was in this situation. He informed me that they have never not exchanged a product if someone returned it. He said that the beer company will credit the store for returned beer. He was quite appalled as he never heard of a store not standing by its products.

So maybe the place doesn’t care about repeat customers as our neighborhood store relies upon this business. But the word does get out, even among us tourists. Service and word-of-mouth are crucial to any business ” especially in this economy.

Rick Dyson


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