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We’re for windmills

Solar, wind and water power may more likely become a part of your life thanks to some forward thinking by Eagle County.

The county, in an attempt to promote renewable energy, is revamping land use rules to clarify what types of alternative-energy systems homeowners can build. If the rules are approved, homeowners will be able to install some systems without county approval.

Also, if the rules are approved, it will be our responsibility as residents to take advantage of government having done its part of the job in clearing a path of us citizens to save resources and reduce the harm we’re doing to our planet.

First of all, we’ll have start thinking “outside the grid” when we build new homes or renovate old ones. We can’t expect ” and of course don’t want ” the county to climb up on top of our houses in the dead of night and forcefully install solar panels.

Secondly, as neighbors we’ll have to be a bit more accommodating when the family next door puts up a perhaps less-than-scenic windmill in their backyard or covers their roof with panels that look like the belong on a spaceship rather than a quaint mountain lodge.

This seems like a win for both sides of the political aisle ” a little less government for those on the right and government support of alternative for those of us on the left.

Plus, cleaner air and saving money appeal to everybody.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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