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We’re in drought

Christy Kroha

I found Mr. Wilson’s letter representing the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District very informative, yet it leads me to wonder why this paper (what locals use as the Bible for news and information) has not done a full color, front page story using his information. Why not every day?

I truly believe that many locals are remaining ignorant (turning the other cheek) becuse this drought has not been announced publicly and reiterated again and again. All this talk about possible drought conditions, etc., is making me sick. WE ARE IN A DROUGHT. Yes, our precious and perfect valley has a problem that it is up to us to deal with.

I know many of you choose not believe this could happen in a place like the Vail Valley, but it has. Despite its world-class resort setting, Eagle County is the same as the next one and the next one. This is a real place with real problems. Even Disneyland has to address droughts in California when they occur.

That said, it is time for all of us to pull our heads out and take responsiblity! Every single time you turn on a faucet at home or work, think about it first. Many little steps can help conserve water – no water running while shaving or brushing your teeth or scrubbing your pots and pans. If you insist on a sparkling clean car (which will just make you look insensitive and stupid in the eyes of the rest of us) figure out a way to do it without a hose constantly running on the pavement.

For all of you still watering lawns, is it going to take your business going under this winter, due to the inability to make snow, resulting in low skier numbers, for you to realize how uneccesary that green grass really is? Please think about it!

I have no porblem naming names, and hope that the mangers of the West Vail Mall and the Landmark in Lionshead know that we see their watering of the pavement. I truly hope those tables on the sidewalk in front of Taco Bell are nice and clean after the shower they got the other night.

Many other business are violators as well, these are only the ones I noticed yesterday. Again, WE ARE IN A DROUGHT!, I believe that is a much more needed headline than “No More Free beer in Vail.”

Editor’s note: As pointed out several times in these pages recently, Vail Resorts will be able to run its snowmaking operations this winter. Ironically enough, the permit mandates that the company provide the state’s “in-stream flow” level in the streams where it takes the ware, which wouldn’t otherwise reach that point, as a condition of the permit for snowmaking.

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