We’re not against affordable housing

Alan Kosloff

The editorials have used the term NIMBY as a hammer against the heads of anyone who disagrees “But don’t call these folks NIMBYs, no matter how much this duck quacks” (Vail Daily, Aug. 15).

We believe that painting all opponents with the same brush is not professional journalism. The Daily has the right, even the responsibility, to state their opinions, but not on the backs of many of the good citizens of Vail who happen to disagree with that opinion!

Let’s state some of the facts:

FACT 1: The opponents of this project are NOT opposed to affordable housing. They are opposed to the size of this project at Vail’s front door.

FACT 2: The opponents are not all second-home owners. In fact, at the recent planning commission work session Aug. 12, of the more than 50 residents who stayed several hours to express their opposition, more than half were year-round residents, including a former councilman. There were average people, not just rich folk.

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FACT 3: We all want Vail to be a community as well as a resort. We do not always agree on every proposal, but that is healthy and does not make us the enemy.

FACT 4: “A healthy independence” (Vail Daily, Aug. 16) seems to imply that if Vail Resorts disagrees and thinks this project is too big and not affordable the town should approve the project almost to spite the resort.

Perhaps the town should take a second look because, as the Daily states in the same editorial, “they are a shrewd, bright bunch, and that the 800 pound gorilla stuff is largely nonsense.” If Vail Resorts is so smart, maybe we should at least listen to them.

We are not against reasonable-sized, attractively designed, well-landscaped, AFFORDABLE employee housing on the Mountain Bell site. Not 142 units so that the developer can make a profit.

The town is giving the land rent-free and the developer is also receiving government subsidy. How much profit is enough?

Let’s stop fighting and work together to build sensible and affordable employee housing, for seasonal as well as full-time employees.

Alan Kosloff


Vail Village

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Vail improvements

Read your last several editorials, and you are again on the mark!

Recommend the town build large green Army tents with, of course, air-conditioning at the Mt. Bell site to help improve the image and provide affordable housing.

I’m in Osan AFB, Korea, and we have lots of them erected at our location. But of course, we don’t get to ski.

Whatever happened to the police, firefighters, veterans, etc., Memorial Park proposal in Vail?

Seems strange Arvin Kasparaitis, Vietnam veteran, could work 30 years of his life for VA, get his gold watch, die in Vail, but not have a burial place or even a memorial brick to be remembered by.

Buddy Sims

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