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Wes Batts VMS

Wes Batts VMS

Sport(s), club(s): Soccer

Nickname: Kiwi

Age: 16

Class of: 2008

Coach(es), leader(s): Bandoni, Gray, Verbeten and Morris

Favorite summer memory: Traveling up in Alaska

What’s your academic goal for this year: Get good grades

What’s the best thing about your sport(s),club(s): Physical push, fun and plain love of the game

What have you done to prepare for the season: Runs, pre-season workouts and Nordic training

What’s your perfect meal: Huge bowl of pasta,

garlic bread, a NY strip steak and salad

Who is your rival team(s), club(s): Basalt or Aspen

Who is your role model and why: Blake Armstrong because he’s smaller than me and still has enough mental and physical push to attempt to take on David, the massive man

VAil Colorado

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