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West Avon Preserve trails open for nearby residents

Safer-at-home guidelines in place

Please recreate responsibly and respect trail closures as you enjoy our local open spaces. Know which trails are open before you go. Some scheduled trail openings, like the West Avon Preserve, have been delayed due to trail conditions or wildlife sensitivity.
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West Avon Preserve: 478 acres of open space located north of Avon between the town's Wildridge neighborhood and the Singletree neighborhood in Edwards.

The West Avon Preserve opened Sunday following a 10-day extension of its seasonal closure.

Local officials have stipulated that all public lands are for residents only for now. Safer-at-home guidelines are in place and state officials are asking residents to recreate within 10 miles of their home, the state’s top public health official said Friday.

“The idea behind safer-at-home is that people stay home as much as possible to continue to bend the curve,” said Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Executive Director Jill Ryan.

With safer-at-home guidelines now in place, small groups can gather in public spaces near their home, but Avon officials do not want people congregating at trailheads or in parking areas, and social distancing must be maintained at all times, the town wrote in a press release.

If you see mud, turn around

The 478-acre West Avon Preserve contains more than 11 miles of trails, many of which were too muddy to be enjoyed in recent weeks.

Sunday’s opening is weather dependent — if rainy conditions make the trails muddy again, the preserve will remain closed until it is dry. The National Weather Service reports a 40% chance of showers for Sunday, with dry and sunny days to follow throughout the rest of the week.

“The trails were opened after an evaluation determined there was no significant damage from winter snowmelt or erosion,” the town of Avon’s release said. “While the trails system will officially open, muddy trails are always closed. If you encounter mud on any trail, please save and protect the trail by turning around. Hiking and biking on muddy trails threatens their longevity by increasing erosion leading to the loss of the rolling contours that make the (West Avon Preserve) so much fun.”

No Singletree access

Holy Cross Energy perform utility work for the next three weeks on the bottom half of the preserve, the town noted in the release. “This may result in temporary closures and disturbance to areas of the Avon Singletree connector trail. Access from the Singletree neighborhood will be closed for the duration of the utility work.”

Those who use the trail system are asked to respect others and abide by the following trail etiquette:

  • Downhill travelers yield to uphill travelers.
  • Alert others when passing from behind.
  • Bikers yield to joggers and walkers; joggers yield to walkers.
  • Don’t create new trails or walk around obstacles; stay on the trail.
  • Leave no trace.
  • No camping.
  • No smoking.
  • No alcohol.
  • No hunting.
  • No fires or fireworks.
  • No motorized vehicles, including e-bikes.
  • No launching, landing or operating drones from town property without permission from the town.

Dogs are allowed off-leash in the West Avon Preserve but must be under voice control and the owner must have a leash in his or her possession. Dog owners must promptly remove fecal waste and deposit it in a proper trash container.

Parking is available at Nottingham Road, Beaver Creek Point and the O’Neal Spur Pocket Park. Restroom facilities are available at the O’Neal Spur Pocket Park, which is also ADA Accessible. The water fountain at the O’Neal Spur Pocket Park will be operational once freeze cycles cease. A water filling station is also available on the side of the Mountain Center building near the Nottingham Road cul-de-sac and trailhead.

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