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West Vail car wreck slows morning traffic

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A 17-year-old Battle Mountain High School football player escaped serious injury when he feel asleep at the wheel and drove off Interstate 70 Thursday morning, authorities said.The boy was heading home from an early-morning practice when he drove his Ford Explorer off the road and hit the median. His vehicle narrowly missed a semi-truck as it bounced back into the eastbound lanes of I-70, police said.He suffered a few cuts and bruises, as well as some scrapes when his SUV’s airbag deployed, but escaped serious injury, said Vail Police Sgt. Kurt Mulson.”We are really lucky we didn’t have a fatal,” Mulson said. “Thankfully, he was wearing a seat belt. I think the semi driver was the most freaked out of anyone.”The accident slowed traffic for about 45 minutes while emergency crews cleared away the crash.The vehicle was total loss, Mulson said. The boy’s father arrived to pick up his son, who was treated at the scene.Police aren’t investigating the crash any further.”He feel asleep and drifted off the road,” Mulson said. “He’s got a few bumps and bruises, but he’s 17. He’ll bounce back.”

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