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West Vail man is ‘commuter of the year’

Daily Staff Report

VAIL – Tim “TC” Carlson, a ski instructor and contractor from West Vail who rides to work in the winter and summer, has been named bike commuter of the year by ECO Transit. Carlson rides his road bike in the summer, but in the winter he rides a 20-year-old Diamond Back mountain bike with rust and multi-colored spray paint he found in the trash. He put studded tires, fenders and lights on it, and will ride it through just about any weather nature throws his way.”When I ride to work in the morning, I arrive feeling alive and ready to work,” Carlson says. “I just love being outside, and given the choice of breathing fresh air on a bike instead of sitting in a car, I’d rather be on the bike.”Carlson lives in Vail Commons with his wife and daughter. He commutes to Edwards from West Vail, riding 21 miles a day. Riding this distance each work day for a year is 5460 miles. Using the IRS 2004 mileage rate of $0.37.5 per mile – which accounts for depreciation, insurance and maintenance – riding this distance instead of driving saves $2,047 each year, says Adam Palmer, an Eagle County planner. Other nominees for commuter of the year were Kelli Anthony, John Irwin, Bruce Kelley, Jeff Mohrman, Dan Piliero and Dawes Wilson. Vail, Colorado

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