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What a gem above Vail

J. Eugene Balloun
Vail, CO, Colorado

I recently went on a Hidden Gems hike to Spraddle Creek, and it was fantastic. Our group was led to an area in Vail’s backyard that features beautiful native flora and fauna. It is definitely worth protecting as wilderness.

We were guided through meadows and woodlands filled with wildflowers by Nicola Ripley, horticulture director at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. She answered every question and explained all about the flora, including the rare plants, and the importance of protecting it. This wilderness area in the mountains is absolutely beautiful.

I found the hike to be informative about the Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign, which is working to protect Spraddle Creek and other environmentally important areas throughout Eagle County.

It was a great way to explore somewhere I’d never been. I hope to go on another

hike this summer and recommend that you do, too. The best way to learn about the proposal and the hikes is to log on to http://www.whiteriverwild.org.

J. Eugene Balloun

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