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What about Starin?

It’s a shame that this newspaper has paid so little attention to the candidacy of Scott Starin, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd Congressional District. His opponent, who is independently wealthy, spent over $4 million to win the primary. He is so comfortable in the 2nd Congressional District’s Democratic heritage that he has hardly spent a cent and has shown up at very few events since the primary.

For those of your readers who don’t know Scott, he is an aerospace engineer and scientist who has worked on many pioneering developments in sustainable energy production for NASA. He works full time while running for the 2nd Congressional District seat and relies on contributions to fund his campaign. He is unable to buy the election as is his opponent. He is out there meeting Republicans and Democrats alike with his message. He will work in a bipartisan way to solve the gridlock in Washington.

If ever there was a person who is ideally suited to help lead this country to energy independence, Scott Starin is the one. He is familiar with and an advocate for various alternative energy technologies. He will fight to use all approaches available to make our country energy independent and bring down the price of oil thus ensuring our national security.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you should vote for Scott Starin for the 2nd Congressional District. He is the right man at the right time.

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