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What alleged victim says happened


Eagle County Sheriff’s Detective Doug Winters testified about Kobe Bryant’s statements while in a private conference with Eagle County Court Judge Fred Gannett and attorneys for both sides. It was not available for the public to hear or read, and will apparently not come out until trial.

Winters related this account to the court as it was told to him during interviews with the alleged victim and Colorado Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners:

About 9:30 p.m., June 30, the alleged victim was telephoned at the hotel by one of Bryant’s entourage, who told her that Bryant was to be taken straight to his room. He did not want to stop at the front desk to check in.

Bryant and his entourage, Michael Ortiz and Joe Carlson, arrived at the hotel about 10 p.m. Bryant’s alleged victim, who was a concierge at the hotel, took him and his bodyguards straight to Bryant’s room without stopping at the front desk.

As they were on their way to Bryant’s room, Bryant quietly asked the alleged victim if she could return to his room later to give him a tour of the property. He asked it like he didn’t want the other people to hear him. She agreed to take him.

Bryant’s entourage wouldn’t let anyone near his room. They were also keeping an eye on the lobby, not allowing anyone near his room.

She was excited to meet him and was somewhat flattered he was paying attention to her.

The young woman returned to the front desk to pick up the keys for Bryant’s bodyguards’ rooms. Once she had shown them to their rooms in a different part of the hotel, she took a back way to return to Bryant’s room, and they started their tour.

Bryant was being flirtatious, giving her compliments about her appearance, her dress and her height. The young woman is about 5-foot-9 or so. Bryant asked if she had a boyfriend. She said she didn’t at this time. They met the bellman in the main lobby area of the lodge. The three were together for about five minutes, making small talk.

Bryant asked her to show him back to his room. The bellman saw them leave together.

At the door of his suite. He asked her inside, and she went. Once inside, she made conversation about where the bears would approach the ground floor windows, and other small talk. Among other things, they talked about a tattoo on her ankle. She sat on a couch and Bryant sat on a chair adjacent to the couch. She asked Bryant why he was in this area. He said he was in town for surgery on his knee.

Bryant asked her to get in the jacuzzi later. She said, “no,” she wanted to get home.

She had come equipped with a marker and hotel envelope, hoping for an autograph. Bryant told her he didn’t want to do it right then, but wanted her to come back about 11 p.m. They stood up and she started to leave. He asked her for a hug and she agreed.

That’s when Bryant started kissing the young woman on the mouth and neck, groping her breast and buttocks. After a couple minutes of this, he tried to put his hands under her dress to rub her vagina.

That’s when she told Bryant she didn’t want to, and tried to leave. When she backed up, Bryant grabbed her neck with both hands. The young woman was afraid Bryant would try to choke her. She could breathe, but Bryant was trying to control her.

She said she kept moving toward the door. When she moved, he’d move in that direction to block her.

After groping her, Bryant turned the woman around toward some chairs. He had his hands on her throat the entire time and was still controlling her movements.

With two hands still around her neck, he bent her over the chair, freed up one hand to pull up her dress and pulled down her underwear. She said “No’ to him. Bryant proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her.

She was in Bryant’s room about five minutes. While Bryant was having intercourse with her, he leaned forward and said he liked Vail, Colorado.

Bryant finally stopped when she pried his hands from around her throat. She turned around, pulled up her underwear and faced him.

Bryant asked if she was going to say anything about it, and she said, “No.”

Bryant told her to fix her hair and straighten her clothes. She had been crying.

After she left Bryant’s room, she returned to the front desk, completed some bookkeeping chores done late in her shift, and told the bellman she was ready to leave.

When they reached the parking lot, the bellman asked her if she was OK, and she told him what had happened. The bellman expressed shock and amazement. The bellman followed her home.

Defense denies it

Defense attorney Pamela Mackey has denied almost everything about the alleged victim’s version of events. In the early days of the case, she called the Sheriff’s Office investigation “biased” and said that when a thorough investigation is conducted, Bryant’s innocence would be proved.

During last Thursday’s opening round of the preliminary hearing, Mackey spent more than 20 minutes picking apart Winters’ testimony, getting him to repeatedly say that the nurse examiners report did not indicate injuries to specific parts of the alleged victim’s genitalia that Mackey asked him about.

Mackey also pointed out that the nurse examiners report indicated no marks or bruises on the alleged victim that would indicate any sort of struggle. Winters said no bruises on the alleged victim’s back, front, arms or legs were marked on a diagram that was part of the report.

There were also no indications on the nurse examiners report that bruises on the throat existed, even though the alleged victim claims that Bryant held her by the throat during the entire incident.

After her line of questioning during the cross examination led Winters back to the alleged victim’s two lacerations in the posterior frochette, Mackey asked if those injuries could be consistent with someone who has had sex with three men in three days.

Gannett immediately stopped the proceeding after that, and later called a recess to the preliminary hearing.

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