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What are we committing to this year?

Veronica Whitney

BEAVER CREEK – Allan Cohen’s New Year’s resolution is to stay healthy, enjoy his kids and keep up with them on skis, he said Saturday.”Actually, keep up with my daughter, who lives out here now,” said Cohen, 55, of Atlanta.”She’s a good skier. I have a challenge…or she does,” added Cohen, who after spending eight days skiing in the valley will be back in February for more.Jimmy Mills said this year he’s committed to have as much sex as possible.”I have been doing great, but I need to improve,” said the 21-year-old University of Alabama student. “I’m thinking 20 to 30 girls in the year and maybe 1,000 times.”

In terms of skiing, Mills was less ambitious. “I’ll try not to bust my ass. I do that too much,” he said.As he headed up to the Centennial chairlift at about 11 a.m. New year’s Day, Hank Riner, 22, of Savannah, GA., said his resolution was not to fall at all skiing. “It’s all about conquering the mountain today. It’s not going to beat me,” Riner said. “I’ll beat it. I’m going to ski really well today. I’m not going to fall at all. Two days ago, I fell three times.”Chris Allen, 27, of Alaska, said he had just a few days left on his ski vacation to accomplish his New Year’s resolution.

“I need to get bigger air,” Allen said. “I have two more days. Other wise, I’ll have to wait till next year.”Fifteen-year-old Kimmy Reiss said she will try something new and daring this year on her snowboard.”I want to try rails,” said Reiss, of Boulder. “I think It will be cool and will boost my ego.”Caroline Hope, 43, from France, who works during the winter in the valley with her husband, Chris, said her resolution for 2005 is to be nice to her husband.”That’s a good idea,” Chris Hope said.

And what about the husband?”I’m always nice,” Chris Hope said. “Most guys are perfect anyway. Aren’t they?””In terms of skiing, my resolution is just to enjoy and have fun,” Caroline Hope said. To Michael Vick, 29, Canada, the new year means a change of diet.”I’ll drink more Gatorade instead of water,” Vick said. “On skis, I’ll ski as many double black diamonds as I can.”

Back to the slopesSaturday, was Kelly Dillman’s third day snowboarding again after two years away from the slopes and she was heading straight to the black diamond trails in the Rose Bowl.”My New Year’s resolution is to step it up and keep up with my husband,” said Dillman, 38. “In the past years I’ve been taking care of my 3-year-old and 16 month old children. Today, they are with their grandparents who are visiting from Chicago.”Beaver Creek ski instructor Nina Oojvist, 32, from Sweden, said she doesn’t believe in certain New Year’s resolutions.

“But it’s a fun thing to do,” Oojvist said. “It’s silly because it’s always the same thing. People want to get more healthy or lose weight or drink less alcohol. New Year isn’t a great time to start, though. You can do that anytime.”My resolution is I’m not going o worry about my age, getting family and a real job. I will keep on doing what I love,” she added.Staff Writer Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454, or vwhitney@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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