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What are your plans for Winter break?

Compiled by Cindy Ramunno

EAGLE COUNTY – Today, you may see local kids shredding down the mountain, sledding down a nearby hill or working at a local shop. Why? Today is the first day of winter break for Eagle County students. For some high school students, long breaks are a chance to ditch the books for a while and take advantage of all of the seasonal jobs offered valleywide. Whatever they decide to do, one thing is apparent – most kids welcome the break that lasts until Jan. 5. Students from Eagle Valley High School were asked, “What are your plans over the winter break?” Here’s what they said.”Heal my elbow, wrestle, run, eat and visit some of my family.” – Kylan Kottenstette, senior”Play basketball and watch football.” – Cody Comerford, senior”School Cody in some 21.” – Hunter Blevins, sophomore”Hang out with friends and family, snowmobile.” – Casey Medsker, freshman”Go pheasant hunting and snowmobiling.” – Louis Romersheuser, senior”Go ice fishing, hunting, lifting, wrestling and hanging out.” – Josh Wombold, junior”Hang out with my friends and family. Go snowmobiling and go snowboarding.” – Kayle VanCampen, freshman”Lifting weights, and hunting rabbits and pheasants.” – Kapena Woolsey, sophomore”Wrestling, eating, snowmobiling, heal my injuries, celebrate and fish.” – Brendan Best, junior “Ice fish, wrestle, relax and celebrate the holidays with my family.” – Chris Harvey, senior”Snowmobiling, running, working, hanging out with family and my boyfriend. Having fun! Woo-hoo. Christmas – yeah!” – Kristy Mathews, sophomore”Hang out, work out and bust out (eat big).” – Jacob Rivera, senior”Play basketball, hang out and eat a lot.” – Samantha Villa, sophomore”Go ice fishing with my homie, Harvey. Snowboard, eat and do holiday stuff.” – Kenny Slaughter, senior”Play basketball with my team and at open gym, visit family in Fort Collins and pretty much hang out and be lazy! YEAH!” – Sarah Reed, senior”Wrestle, work, have fun and relax.” – Mason Ewing, senior”I plan to play softball, hang out with my family/friends, and work.” – Amy Strakbein, senior”To keep in shape for wrestling and hopefully get up the mountain a few times and make a few snow angels!” – Will Britt, senior”Go snowboarding and sleep in.” – Kevin Mansfield, sophomore”Spend time with the family.” – Alex Harris, senior”I’ll practice a lot for basketball as well as spend time with my family. I’ll also try to do some community service to help the families in need!” – Rachael Sandoval, senior”I plan to go snowboarding a lot. I also will be helping out the Salvation Army and I have adopted a family, as well as spending time with my family.” – Amanda Hudspeth, sophomore”I’m going to work for four days and then I am going to Mexico with my church to build three houses.” – Coe Roberts, senior”To spend time with my family and get better at basketball.” – Cesar Castillo, freshman”I plan to spend time snowboarding and hanging out with my family. I’m also going to spend time with my girlfriend and her family.” – Jared Thompson, sophomore”Play hockey!” – Jordan VanVorst, junior”I’m going snowboarding and ice skating (hockey).” – Cesar Almanza, freshman”I’m going to Nebraska and on New Year’s, I’m wrestling at the Pepsi Center.” – Trent Book, freshman”I’m going to Mexico, Chihuahua to visit cousins. I’m also going to play sports, play a little poker and attend Christmas parties.” – Samual Gonzales, sophomore”Going to my dad’s house and seeing relatives.” – Mike Medsker, junior”To wrestle and have my grandparents visit.” – Chad Strakbein, sophomore”Working out, ice fishing, getting to be a better wrestler.” – Matt Brubaker, sophomore … and the teachers? Staff members are also ready for the break. Here’s how some faculty members from Eagle Valley High School answered the same question.”Working on the house, getting outside and visiting family.” – Tom Kirk, sports medicine/P.E./history”Snowboard and trying to make money.” – Christy Voelker, science”Go back to Peoria, Ill to spend time with the family and ski!” – Ashley Weaver, social studies”This well anticipated winter break’s plans include spending time with my wife, Casey, and daughter, Danielle, hosting my mother from Connecticut, relaxing and making some tele-turns in the beautiful powder.” – Eric Mandeville, histor”Going home to Columbus, Ohio to visit with family and friends.” – Sarah Resch, P.E.”Install a security system and target practice with a new cross bow. Watch football.” – Dave Scott, athletic director”Get my daughter started on a weight program/throwing workout. Also take care of my son’s shoulder until he gets operated on in January. Watch as many bowl games as possible.” – Jeff Lueders, assistant principal”Go fishing in Michigan and visit family.” – Ken Reagan, permanent substitute Vail, Colorado

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