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What do chocolate and bad boys have in common?

Ashley Hall

Luscious Living usually refers to the juicy details of a night out on the town, but as one reader wisely commented, there is more that can fall under that category than just “drunken escapades.” Normally I steer away from writing about other luscious topics, such as boys, for example, because this valley is so small and gossipy. However, Clair Smith from Gypsum is sick of hearing about my nights out on the town so I will try another approach and talk about men in an impersonal, general manner. Clair: This one’s for you.

I was in the bar the other night chatting with a couple of my girlfriends about boys and relationships when, after a very in-depth analysis of all of our past boyfriends, flings, and crushes, we came to the conclusion that men (and I use this term loosely) are like food … you always crave what is bad for you and take advantage of the ones that are good and who will, in the end, make you happy and healthy. What is it about the chocolate mousse and the a_ _hole guy that can make you forget about all the consequences of delving into this deliciously, sinful snack and only concentrate on the immediate pleasure?

It seems that many of my girlfriends go for the guy or the dessert that they know will leave them feeling guilty and unhappy the next day. They know going into the night that this piece of eye-candy or actual candy is not good for them and will give them only momentary happiness, yet that is almost the attraction. Maybe it is because deep down these girls do not want anything serious. Maybe it is because they just want the chase. Or maybe part of it relates to the fact that we, as women, think we can change this guy into a so-called “good guy,” making him a low-fat dessert: a little bit less fun, but at least someone that isn’t hurting you so much.

Having so many guys in this town you would think that the few ladies around would be constantly wine and dined and treated with the utmost respect. Instead, the concept of wining and dining has somehow transformed into a guy sliding you a shot of Grand Marnier down the bar, with the full expectation that this guarantees him a ticket home with you. I have noticed that with maturity, women tend to appreciate the guys who are good for them and make them happy. They can quell their cravings for the sinful desserts and recognize that a moment on the lips is forever on the hips and not worth it. Now the real trick is how to find this thing called maturity. Suggestions?

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