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What does the G.O.P believe?

David Le Vine

What is it with you Republicans? Why are you merely trashing the Democrats rather than offering opinions and solutions of your own?

I read the columns written by William Krystol and Charles Krauthammer and I tune in “Fox News” and I’m appalled by the total emphasis on belittling the Democratic candidates and their “left wing, radical, socialistic” proposals.

Why don’t you tell us what “conservatives” believe? What are your thoughts regarding the economy, the importance of our national, corporate, and personal debt, and the weakness of the dollar? How about the status of Social Security and Medicare? And why have you left global warming to Mr. Gore and the Democrats?

These are real problems that deserve the attention of all Americans. Why do you neither acknowledge them nor offer solutions?

And surely ” or at least hopefully ” we all have thoughts regarding the separation of church and state, the tremendous ramifications of possibly electing a black president, and every citizen’s “right” to health care. Why don’t you contribute your thoughts?

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