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What Eagle County is saying about airport name

Eagle Valley Enterprise StaffVail, CO Colorado

Not to be patently offensive, but is there anything not for sale in Vail Valley anymore?’Don’t worry, Vail Resorts is not going to suffer for having an airport NOT named after it. Honest. People manage to find Snowbird, Alta and Deer Valley by flying in to … Salt Lake City International! Eric RosenquistBe careful what name you choose. I work at Shop & Hop in Eagle-Vail and numerous tourists have come in over the years asking where the airport is in Eagle-Vail so please, do not consider putting Vail in the airport name.(No name)I think Vail-Eagle Airport is a good name it is what I have heard it called my entire life and has the name recognition that is desired. I say dont take the Eagle out we dont live in Vail County. Audra MeyersI do not want to see the name “Vail” in the airports new name. Vail Resorts and Vail Associates have managed to get the name “Vail” into a lot of things that are neither near the town of Vail or have nothing to do with the town. I believe a more generic name, specifically “Colorado Mountain Airport” more accurately describes its location here in the beautiful Rockies, and also conveys both the summer and winter outdoor opportunities (including skiing at Vail) that are present here. Fred Rupp, WolcottI would like to suggest “Colorado Mountain Airport or “Central Colorado Airport. It would be more advantageous to market the airport serving the mountain region. While Vail may be the big local draw, the airport serves a much larger area due to the success of the many carriers we are able to provide. Donald OdellThe name “Vail” is known all over the world. The county name Eagle is not really known except for those living in and very familiar with Colorado. Thus, I would suggest the name of: VAIL VALLEY REGIONAL AIRPORT. David C. Martens, Clearwater, Fla.You gotta have Vail somewhere in the name. Its the most recognizable for our region and it only makes sense to capitalize on that. Matt Bartok, EdwardsAs a former resident and past treasurer of the pilots association, I think the name should remain the same. It is the Eagle County Regional Airport and anything else would not be representative of where and who you are. Dick ( Richard) Rodgers, Community Bank President Wells Fargo Bank Telluride I have lived in Gypsum for 20 years and get very irritated when I hear someone call this valley the Vail Valley. It is not the Vail Valley it is the Eagle Valley. I think the airport should be named Eagle Valley International Airport. It will be International in my lifetime. I dont care for Vail and dont need the name crammed down my throat. I think a lot of downvalley people share my thoughts. Why you hire a Denver-based company to feel the beat of locals is beyond me. Everyone knows about the ski and recreation in the valley, no matter the name. I do not feel Vail needs to lay claim to that too.Dead Set Against VailJoni Dyck of Gypsum

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