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What fills your heart?

Gary Wingo

Ski season is upon us; we’re all excited! But, does it fill your heart up? How about someone you love? Do they fulfill your deepest needs? What about accomplishments? Each time I accomplish something, I just look for another adventure to tackle; it’s never enough! Maybe you like to control everything and everyone around you. Does it work? Not unless you’re living in denial! Honestly, how about money and possessions? No? What about your intellect, science, or political issues? Perhaps you’re one of those individuals who came here to party, to drink yourself into a stupor every night, have sex, or act foolishly enough to do drugs. Does it work? Do any of these “outlets” cause your heart to soar? Do they fill you with joy, hope, and encouragement?What is the absolute best way to fill your heart? When I say “Heart”, I mean the source of our emotions, the place where we discern the truth from the lies we hear everyday. The heart is not where emotions overrule reason; it is the place where reason and emotion mesh together to form who you really are! It is the environment where faith is received, nourished, and cultivated. As John Eldredge puts it, “The heart is the dwelling place of our true beliefs. It is the connecting point between any two persons. The heart is you, the deepest truest you.” – Waking the Dead. “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:13Our hearts teach us about faith, but when we ignore the urgings of our heart, we deny who we were made to be. We tend to think that if we behave badly, we have a bad heart; and if we keep the rules, then our hearts must be good! True Faith tells you Jesus Christ can help you live from your heart, not your past. Faith allows God’s grace into all our relationships, work, and play. Faith guides truth into our inmost selves, invading those deep dark recesses we fight so hard to hide. Faith trusts that God IS fighting for our hearts and really does outrageously love you! “If you confess with your lips Jesus is Lord, and believe in your HEART God raised Him from the dead, you’ll be saved!” Romans 10:9-10.When we allow Jesus Christ to have our hearts, that true self, He saves us from the tyranny of death and from all our past wounds, failures and sins. He saves us from having to win the approval of others. And yes, Jesus saves us from our own worst enemy = ourselves. When we invite Jesus Christ to take over our lives, He comes into our hearts. Then we know and live:- Freedom from our wounded past- Love like we never imagined teaching us that we matter deeply to God- Transformation of our hearts and minds into who we were made to be!My encouragement to you is simple. Let God have your heart. He is already pursuing you; He wants to help you stop living out of your broken past, and live free today! Can you change yourself? Like me, you’ve probably tried hard. But with God’s transforming power in your heart, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish, no mountain too high to scale, and no circumstance you can’t overcome! Be yourself, be who God made you to be. Let Christ have your heart and be made new every morning you wake! Jesus said, from His heart to yours: “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me.” John 14:1.Gary Wingo leads a Bible study called Seekers Fellowship, which is currently on a seasonal break.Vail, Colorado

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