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What happened to Ref C money?

Bruce Williams
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read with interest Mark Hillman’s article “Dollar-short budget.” I believe that we must have a serious epidemic in Colorado of short-term memory loss.

The state went though a similar painful budget-cutting process during the recession after Sept. 11. The voters of Colorado then passed something called Referendum C, giving up their TABOR refund for five years so that the state could build up a reserve

fund. This referendum was to raise something in the range of $3.5 billion over five years. Some even projected higher revenues.

So now we are faced with another economic downturn and a Colorado budget shortfall of $630 million. What happened?

Do our elected officials manage their personal finances as poorly as they manage the public’s?

Bruce Williams


Money well spent

Don (Rogers), this is my own personal opinion regarding the inauguration “hoopla” Wednesday commentary. I think that you are dead wrong!

First of all, only a small portion of the $150 million (that The Associated Press estimated) was funded by the government, and it is very doubtful that a fundraiser for “meals for the hungry” would have raised that amount of money.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the donations for the balls, the receptions and the music were wonderful expressions of love for our country by people who just wanted to contribute to the celebration. The millions of attendees were patriotic folks who wanted to feel good and be part of a memorable experience. The enthusiasm and the flags (and the tears) were testimonies to their love of our nation.

I believe that the hosts, those who went to the festivities and those of us who watched were well rewarded. It was a unique day for our country, and I think that it served to remind us all of the beauty of love, hope and patriotism. Money well spent!

David Le Vine

Trying to kill us?

Just wondering if your reporters read any news besides in their own newspaper. Why would you run a whole section on peanut butter with recipes when the FDA has recalled peanut butter because of deaths from salmonella?

Just today (Thursday), the FDA also recalled pet food that has peanut butter as an ingredient. They are warning people not to eat anything that contains peanut butter. It was disappointing to see a feature article on the front page of Section B about this subject.

Pat Casey Edwards

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