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‘What Happens In Vegas’ is a good gamble

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

“What Happens in Vegas” isn’t the best or the worst of the whole mismatched-couple-learns-to-really-love-each-other genre, but it’s still entertaining enough for a movie to which you already know the ending.

Like most Hollywood romantic comedies, the plot is paper-thin and preposterous but does offer some tips for those who might find themselves in a, ahem, similar situation: guys, the next time you go to Vegas because your dad fires you from your job pretend to be Ashton Kutcher. Girls, the next time you’re in Vegas because your fiance just

dumped you (even though no guy I know would ever dump Cameron Diaz) and your

normally uptight self just wants to cut loose, pretend you’re Cameron Diaz.

Now, imagine that by chance the two of you hook up and get married after only a

few hours of drunken conversation and dancing. That’s “What Happens In Vegas,” right?

The morning after the marriage, the pair agree to break up when they realize their mistake, but then Kutcher wins $3 million on a slot machine and suddenly “what’s yours is mine,” according to Diaz.

Set-up taken care of, the film moves into high gear after Vegas, when the pair return to New York. Here, the screenwriters pull out the improbability playbook one more time by having a divorce judge (an underused Dennis Miller) sentence them to “six months hard marriage.” If they don’t try to make it work neither gets a dime.

Most guys will get some guilty pleasure from this movie because Kutcher gets

away with all the things in the “marriage” they can’t. Pranks like removing

the toilet seat only to hear her fall in during the night, taking down the

bathroom door and peeing in the kitchen sink are probably all secret

delights in the mind of an unhappily married man.

Continuing an odd trend with big-budget relationship films lately, the best lines go to the supporting cast, which includes Rob Corddry as Kutcher’s best friend and Lake Bell who plays Diaz’s closest pal Tipper.

As for the resolution, it may be that the two work past their differences and realize that they do really love each other and want to be married, but not before neatly resolving their individual issues in the process. But hey, you’ll have to see the movie to find out ” I’d hate to be a spoiler.

High Life Writer Charlie Owen can be reached at 970-748-2939 or cowen@vaildaily.com.

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