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What is the true age of your skin?

Dr. Karen Nern
Special to the Daily
If your skin is older than you’d like it to be, then there are several simple steps to improve it, including stop smoking, wear sunscreen and avoid tanning.
Special to the Daily | Digital Vision

VAIL — Do you like to bake in the sun for hours? Slap on the SPF 30 every time you go outside? Answer these questions to find out how much your sun habits and lifestyle have aged your skin.

How old are you? ____

(Add that number)

Do you have any permanent facial brown spots or broken blood vessels? ____

(If yes, add 2)

Do you have deep creases on your forehead or cheeks? ____

(If yes, add 5)

Are there noticeable lines around your eyes and/or lips? ____

(If yes, add 3)

Did you or do you still tan indoors or outdoors at least twice a week? ____

(If yes with sunscreen, add 5) (If yes without sunscreen, add 10)

Has your face suffered at least three severe sunburns, with peeling? ____

(If yes, add 5)

Do you smoke? ____

(If yes, add 3)

Do you drink five or more beers, glasses of wine or cocktails a week? ____

(If yes, add 2)

Do you work out at least three times a week? ____

(If yes, subtract 1)

Do you munch on fruits and vegetables three or more times a day? ____

(If yes, subtract 1)

Do you use an SPF 30+ product each morning? ____

(If yes, subtract 4)

Do you use antioxidants as a part of your daily routine? (such as vitamin C ) ____

(If yes, subtract 2)

Do you use prescription lotions (such as tretinoin or hydroquinone)? ____

(If yes to one, subtract 2; if both, subtract 5)

Enter the total here. This is your skin’s age: ____________

If your skin is older than you’d like it to be, then there are several simple steps to improve it:

Stop smoking. Twin studies show that identical twins can look up to 10 years different if one of them smokes.

Wear a daily sunscreen with zinc. Daily sunscreen use reduces the risk of skin cancer as well as wrinkles.

Use topical antioxidants, retinol and growth factors to reduce collagen breakdown and promote collagen production.

Avoid tanning. Not only does tanning increase skin cancer risk, but it ages the skin as well.

See a board certified dermatologist for skin advice. No one knows skin better than a dermatologist.

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