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What liberal media bias?

Butch Mazzuca’s recent article on the media’s bias toward Barack Obama and against Sarah Palin, would be amusing if it were not so completely off target.

If you really want to realize bias, what do you think the media would do if one of Obama’s daughters was pregnant and unmarried? Or, how many of us heard about the biggest political rally in Alaskan history against Sarah Palin, last week? There were 1,400 protesters against the beloved Palin, with photos, on a Web site, but not a peep on TV or newspapers.

Mazzuca says Palin espouses traditional values and empathizes with women. What traditional values? Banning books from the public library? Banning abortion even after rape and incest, teaching creationism, banning birth control info in the schools and just teaching abstinence?

The fact of the matter is Palin is the most incompetent person ever selected to be vice president and John McCain sold his soul to be elected to pick such a person that would jeopardize the country if she became president. So much for his judgment, honor, and integrality. Think of the four vice presidents in the 20th century who became president upon the death or resignation of a president. They are Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford. Do you think they each had slightly more experience than Sarah Palin?

Mazzuca fawns over Palin who consistently and repeatedly lies about 50 percent of the time with her so-called facts. The only thing the McCain/Palin ticket endangers is the United States of America.

If there is a media bias toward Obama/Biden, it only shows they are doing their job by backing the best for our country.

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