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What really matters most

Don Rogers

You know, in the true grand scheme, home rule is about as important an issue as dog owners failing to handle their daily duties in the neighborhood – and this is not to denigrate either.The War on Bush, or vice versa if a Democrat ever again takes up residence in the White House, that’s truly sideshow stuff out here. Basically, blah, blah, blah, as much as we enjoy the hollering in these pages. Whether the snow falls in sufficient quantities means a lot more here, whichever joker is the most powerful person in the world at any given time.What really matters? Well, not to get overly poetical, but the aspens do. They herald a new season, and the perspective that nature holds to her rhythms however our oh-so-important political and economic schemes go. Children are born and parents die. The sun rises and sets on cue. God, this is a beautiful place.This is what matters. Vail, Colorado

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