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What was the biggest event of 2006?

Dominique Taylor

“Mike D from Beastie Boys. He played at Streetbeat last week in Vail.”

– Jacob Curtis, Avon

“I think it’s the Democratic takeover of the Congress.”

– Jim Doughfman, Jacksonville, Fla.

“The only thing I can think of is the Democratic takeover of the House and possibly the Senate.”

– Kathy Nault, Dallas

“The extended U.S. Bigger Bang tour by the Stones because Mick needs the money because of the babies. He’s got like 11 kids now.”

– Ginger Bindle, Vail

“This vacation.”

– Sarah Doughfman, Jacksonville, Fla.

“Probably the North Korean and Iran nuclear issues and obviously the continuing issues in Iraq, plus the Democratic takeover of Congress.”

– John Pelland, Glenwood Springs

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