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What we can offer

Don Rogers

We wanted to help people caught in the horrors left by Katrina. But still deciding how is difficult. Cash short and tons of work to do on our ramshackle of a cabin, what to do?

There’s an apartment downstairs. Or part of one anyway. The bedroom is packed to the gills with boxes and gear. The rooms have some mold and need repair. But space is liveable, certainly better than most of what the hurricane got.

Local authorities warn than this matter of helping requires more than providing a place to stay. The folks run out of their homes have nothing left. Where will they work. How will they eat. And on and on.

So I’m sitting here, wondering if the authorities understand this implication that perhaps citizens with room at their homes in Eagle County really have no business offering them? I mean, I understand they have nothing and need some temporary help as they get back on their feet, and take back their lives.

But you know, maybe I have some room but no cash to hand over (although we’ve done some of that too). Maybe someone else, like a church or other community service group, has some funding to help with food, or clothing, or a bead on a job.

Am I supposed to NOT offer because I can’t give the whole package? Or just sit back and let the authorities handle it. Obviously that went so well during the flooding. Let’s not go to the usual Dem vs. GOP scapegoating. Democrats, Republicans, local, state and national authorities ” they all could have done better. And the devastation indeed WAS overwhelming.

Now is what matters at this point. And it sure looks like the help is coming. For me it’s calling the county and offering a place for someone to stay, if that is needed. For the county, it’s setting up a pretty good Web site, along with plans for helping evacuees who wind up here.

We’re human. We do what we can.

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