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What were you thinking?

Shauna Farnell
Associated PressAmerican Lindsey Jacobellis who was leading in the final of the Women's Snowboard Cross competition, crashes in sight of the finish at the Winter Olympic Games in Bardonecchia, Italy, Friday. Tanja Frieden of Switzerland won the race to take the gold medal, Jacobellis finished second to take the silver medal, and Dominique Maltais of Canada bronze.

BARDONECHHIA, Italy – Lindsey Jacobellis had maintained her lead all day long. Nobody could touch her, it would seem.

The 20-year-old from Vermont was in her final run of Olympic snowboardcross, about half the course ahead of the rest of the field.

There she was on the homestretch. The gold medal was hers …

Then Jacobellis decided to throw a stylish grab over the second to the last jump on the cross course, caught an edge on her landing and slid off course, as Switzerland’s Tanja Frieden blew by her and grabbed gold.

Luckily, Jacobellis puttered through the finish line in time for silver.

“I was really excited. Everything seemed to be going so well, then I landed badly,” Jacobellis said. “I got a bit frustrated because I have worked so much.”

That’s one story. Others might say the bad landing might have been avoided without throwing the grab in. It’s not halfpipe, after all.

“She just cut an edge. I don’t think she was showing off,” said U.S. Team head coach Peter Foley. “She always grabs on the jumps. It’s disappointing for her, but she’s young and rode great all day. She was so far in front, it’s got to be hard.”

Frieden, on the other hand, couldn’t believe her luck.

“It was just amazing,” she said. “You are never sure until you get to the very end.”

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