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Whatever your position, just vote

Don Rogers

Ask opponents of a new Crossroads and they’ll predict the election July 11 will be very close.Ask advocates and they’d be surprised if it doesn’t pass handily.The opposition urges Vail residents to vote against the project. Supporters encourage people to vote, period, regardless of how they vote.Who do you think has more confidence in the outcome?Early voting began this week, and we, too, encourage you to cast your ballot. Regardless of your position about a referendum after the Town Council has made its considered decision, elections are all about participation.It’s your town, after all. You ought to have a hand in its most important decisions.Among the supporters of the new Crossroads – now called Solaris – we have no quibble with the fact of a referendum.It would be a shame if voters let themselves be scared off the project, quite irrationally, in our view. But the opportunity for a townwide election on a big decision such as this is what democracy is all about.But now that the election is in play, be sure to participate. Don’t let a small minority of citizens make your decision for you, as would be the case with the typically paltry turnout of voters for special elections.Whether you vote today or at 6:58 p.m. July 11 is immaterial. Just make sure you vote, however the decision goes.We see the benefits of the large, but not too large, new Crossroads over the current aging complex. We believe having a movie theater in Vail is better than not. We believe shops, restaurants, extra parking, an upscale bowling alley, public plaza, ice skating rink and a vastly improved streetscape and other improvements in the neighborhood are overwhelmingly positive features.The new Crossroads would be neither the highest nor the bulkiest in Vail. The only thing monstrous about this all is the difference between exaggeration and the reality of the evidence at hand.We hope you vote yes for a better Vail. But in any case, please vote. Vail, Colorado

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