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What’s election really about?

Gus Nicholson, Gypsum

I believe the American people are not foolish. In about a month, we will be faced with what the press euphemistically calls “a mid term election,” like we’re all still in school. I believe this will be one of the most important elections in the history of the American republic.

Because of that, I want to urge every citizen to go to the polls and vote. Vote like it’s your son or daughter who’s going to be gassed in Iraq over Mr. Bush’s oil. Think about that. Vote like it’s your 401k that’s going to be ripped apart by greedy corporate executives who unconscionably feather their bank accounts with your future. Think about that. Vote like its going to be your tax dollars that are going to pay for the deficit for a long time to come that this president decided isn’t really going to be a problem because he’ll always have enough money in his pocket. Think about that. Vote for homeland security, since you obviously feel you can no longer trust your neighbor. Really think about that. And remember to vote to privatize Social Security. It should be obvious to you by now how much better a “professional” stock broker can manage your money in private accounts than Social Security has for more than 65 years. Think about all that.

America is more than a country. It is an idea. As long as Americans continue to feel this, the American homeland is safe. Start hacking down that one and bin Laden was right. You can forget about America.

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