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(Re: No solution from illegal immigrant raids in the Dec. 21 27 edition of The Vail Trail.) A friend sent me a copy. WOW! Thompson is either working for the Coyotes who post signs in Southern Mexico that read $125 guaranteed entry to U.S. or the same diversity group that promoted establishment of the Immigration Lottery. His comment on raids yes they are ugly. Not all law enforcement is pretty. Ineffective No. Very effective as reports are that illegals are leaving at over 100,000 per day. English as a national language? Its called unity and it comes through communication. Concern that illegals and their families live in fear? Go to Mexico illegally and see how you are treated.Guest worker program? We had one. It worked for years but our own industries ignored it. Suggestion – don’t write about something you know nothing about. Norm TempelEstes Park

After reading the op-ed of 12-20-06, regarding the arrest of undocumented workers at various packing plants by Jonathan Thompson, who writes from Paonia on the Left Fork of The Gunnison,” I am compelled to reply. Firstly; The High Country News (et. al.) is well known in this area for its extremist/leftist views! Secondly: I will begin by saying, it is abundantly clear that Mr. Thompson is completely ignorant of the history of this country, the laws by which we are governed and which we must abide, to avoid complete chaos within our society. Thirdly; Those arrested were not undocumented workers, but were in fact criminals! They were detected because they, as do most illegals,” used false identities to gain employment. Identity theft is now the largest and most pervasive crime in America! It cost the honest citizens of this nation 100 billion dollars last year alone! Fourthly; Mr. Thompson connects the arrests with the Christmas season and I find this connotation despicable! How does Mr. Thompson know they were thus separated from their families, did he know them personally? I think not! Mr. Thompson is clearly appealing to the liberal mind-set with his shameless bit of outrageous emotional appeal! The people arrested were wanted criminals, the same as anyone who had robbed a bank or the local Mom and Pop! Does Mr. Thompson believe that robbery and theft are now O.K., so long as youre Hispanic? I completed a study two-and-one-half years ago that clearly showed that fully 60 percent of all illegals in this country were already wanted criminals before they entered the USA illegally, in violation of our laws! If I did the same in Mexico, I would be serving a minimum of 10 years at hard labor in a rat infested hole! Make no mistake about it, the people of the United States, acting through the Immigration Service, followed long established laws and did their job, by arresting several thousand wanted criminals and if Mr. Thompson believes this is wrong, then he needs to pack his bags and go live in North Korea, where criminal activity is a “sanctioned way of life! Larry ButlerDelta

Please, not another sob story about poor illegals being wronged by our laws! Thompson writes, Even without the raids, living as an undocumented immigrant is to always live in fear. Thats a consequence of being here illegally. Irresponsible journalism like his tries to criminalize the enforcement of our laws. Illegals and businesses that employ them are the criminals, not our laws or the American citizens demanding enforcement.Thompson bemoans splitting families, yet omits the fact that many illegals choose to leave families in Mexico when they come here. And illegals only make it an issue when they are caught and deported. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. If the 1,282 illegals apprehended in the Swift & Co. raids were using stolen Social Security numbers, then that many American citizens have become victims of identity theft. It may take those victims a year at great expense EACH to reverse the damage done.1,282 illegals were apprehended, which means 1,282 American workers were replaced with cheap, illegal labor. What hardships do they and their families face? Where is Thompsons compassion for them? Enforcement of our laws is long overdue. This nation (and Colorado) is overrun with illegals. Public response is overwhelmingly in favor of the raids. Hopefully, continued enforcement will mean more raids nationwide and in Colorado. Attrition through enforcement does work.Scott SedeiLongmont

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(Re: No solution from illegal immigrant raids in the Dec. 21 27 edition of The Vail Trail.) All of Mexico, South America want to be in America. Free child delivery, free food stamps welfare for all anchor babies. How can you encourage this? All of the country is grappling with what do with the ILLEGAL BILL.” How can you sympathize with people who are exploiting the system? If America needs skilled labor why can’t it be imported from countries who are not Third World or for that matter train U.S. high school students – start in junior high – novel idea?

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