What’s the best thing about teaching at your Eagle Valley Elementary School?: “The students, parents and teachers.”

Family: Husband, Jay; son, Conure; a parrot and two cats.

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Where are you originally from?: “Puyallup, Wash., but I grew up in the Air Force – Puerto Rico, New Hampshire, California.”

Where do you live now?: Gypsum

Where did you go to college? San Diego State University, B.A.; Adams State College, M.A.

How long have you been teaching at Eagle Valley: Eight years, 2 years at EES and three years in California.

What got you into teaching?: “I love kids and I like doing fun activities. It’s challenging and never boring.”

Favorite book: “Under the Rainbow,” a true wildlife adventure.

Favorite movie: “Dances with Wolves” with George C. Scott

Favorite food: Cheese enchiladas; chips and salsa

Your hope for the school year: “Stay with the class I have this year forever. They are the best ever. That all my students and myself continue to learn and grow.”

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