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What’s wrong with liberty?

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

What is so terrible, really, about citizens having the right to put important matters on the county election ballot?

And what is so terrible, really, about having a number of county commissioners closer to what every town, city, school board, special district board and advisory body has?

Even the county’s own advisory boards have seven or more members, like the towns. There’s good reason for that. There’s a strength in numbers more than just three on such bodies. Duh. Only archaic state law holds the number of county commissioners down to pre-1900 size.

The cost of adding two commissioners frankly is negligible. How exactly does one-half of 1 percent of the county budget equate to “massive” spending? Please. If you fall for that line, shame on you.

More commissioners does mean more representation per capita for a fast-growing county; that’s a numerical fact. And we believe that more commissioners means a better chance of fuller and more disciplined deliberation than some of the decisions the county has made in recent years.

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Don’t see the wisdom of Eaton Ranch, essentially the gravel pit in downtown Edwards purchased for open space?

A smoother, more expensive surface on the Colorado River Road for bicycles, basically on a cyclist commissioner’s whim? The current move toward extra child-care programs?

You could do something about that under home rule; currently, you cannot.

Opponents can yammer about recall elections, but that’s not going to happen.

One irony about the various red herrings about the home rule charter’s language that a small group of opponents are tossing into the stew to confuse things is this: With home rule, they could fix all of those supposed ills if they were true.

They also could put issues on the ballot that would improve county government in real ways. Now they can’t.

Surely Eagle County can do better emancipating itself from strict state control than staying under the one-size-fits-all thumb of the state.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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