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What’s wrong with this moment, Vail?

Catherine Zeeb
A New Perspective
Vail, CO Colorado

“Change your thoughts, change your life”

– Wayne Dyer

What changes are you making right now? What changes have you made recently? Why aren’t these changes and this moment good enough?

We’re always searching for what we think will be a better way of life. We find one thing that feels good and then we turn around and go back to doing the things we used to do. Why? Why isn’t a new way better than the old way?

We do what we’re used to doing out of comfort, habit or fear of change. It takes consciousness and awareness to change and it takes consciousness and awareness to live the change.

We get in a state of complacency with what we are doing. We make changes but we tend to believe they will be difficult to maintain. If you change the way you think about what you’ve been doing or how you’ve been living, realizing that it hasn’t truly served you, you can integrate changes easier.

What serves your soul? Does drinking or smoking pot every day serve you? Does being an angry person serve you? Does your sadness or depression serve you? Do addicted and unavailable friends serve you? What does it mean to look at what serves you?

If you drink every day, for example, and you miss work or argue with friends or loved ones while drinking, how does that serve you? If you are stoned every day, how does that serve you? Does it serve you to be sad or depressed every day? How does what you live each moment serve your life, your soul? Only you decide that.

Being awake and conscious in each moment will serve you. When we are conscious in the moment, we make better choices. We don’t allow ourselves to just move through each day in the same old way, doing the same old things. We look at everything from a new perspective. We make different and better choices – hopefully. And, when we make a mistake, we don’t punish ourselves, we forgive and choose not to make that mistake again.

Each moment is a choice. That is true freedom. We have been given the power to make our lives whatever we choose. Why choose to cover discomfort or joy with drugs or alcohol? Why not feel what you are experiencing, grow and move on?

Most people tend to experience a feeling, think they’ve been changed by it and then within a short time, go back to their old ways. Why? Why wasn’t that new experience good enough to continue to live in it? Why do we go back to the old?

Isn’t that an interesting thing about the humanness of us – that we go back to the old ways? What are we afraid of? Making changes may require that we explain the changes to our friends and families – this can be uncomfortable. The fact is, you don’t have to explain anything. If you stopped drinking, for example, then you have to learn how to say “no, thank you” when offered a drink with no explanation. Peer pressure can seem daunting, but learning to say “no, thanks” will be good enough the more you say it.

Live each moment like it’s your last. Choose what each moment will be and be conscious that you chose it – be proud of your choices. Don’t let your indecision be your decision. Change happens whether you participate or not, so enjoy this life and explore the many dimensions we are given. Make your own life decisions. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

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