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What’s your world view?

The purpose of this commentary is to make people think. Sadly, this has become a daunting task in our culture dominated, as our recent generation will attest, by television and video games.It is not the “big” questions our culture faces that scare me. Scarier by far are Jay Leno “man on the street” segments, asking simple questions, often to college graduates, and getting absurd replies. Rather than political questions or trivia questions, I would like to get people to think about some of the ultimate questions. And I would like to teach people that though the questions are labeled “ultimate,” the process of thinking about them doesn’t have to be that hard. I believe it is a simple matter of common sense. The title of the subject of the process of thinking about ultimate questions is world view.World view: Everyone has a world view. Few, however, have thought it through. Most people uncritically adopt the world view of the surrounding culture. Though there is a counter-culture of Eastern spirituality growing in our culture, still the dominant world view we exist within is materialism. In materialism, spiritual explanations for things are ruled out automatically. Materialism holds that our universe is physical (material) and only physical. The hard sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology will ultimately explain everything, and these sciences are the only and final arbiters of truth. Morality is purely the result of our own minds and certainly not based on any ultimate authority. World view is very much like a pair of glasses. If one is wearing glasses with green lenses, one sees objects as green. A person wearing glasses with red lenses sees these same objects as red. World view analysis, then, is the removing of our glasses for examination to make sure they are the right tool for the job, and then examining the objects before us from a more objective point of view.A Christian world view is very different than materialism. While looking at the same universe as the materialist a Christian sees the handiwork of a creator. A Christian world view, while recognizing a significant material dimension to the universe, does not limit the universe to the purely material. A Christian world view, while deeply appreciating the physical, chemical, and biological “laws” of the universe, attributes these laws to the hand of a creator and does not limit the creator to working only by these laws. A Christian world view has a more developed epistemology concerning truth than to make the hard sciences (which, as any scientist knows, frequently corrects itself, as it should) the final arbiter of truth. And a Christian extrapolates morality from a loving, true God who is the final judge of all things.Three big questions: World view analysis starts with the three biggest questions one can imagine. First, how did we get here? Second, what went wrong? And third, how do we fix it? Before we begin answering these questions, imagine how important they are. The answers to these questions provide us with our identity and our very purpose for living. We will answer these questions from both a materialist world view and a Christian world view. And we will do so in commentaries on truth, evolution, prophecy, resurrection, and evil. Here is a short preview:Truth: The dominant view on truth in our culture is that truth is relative. It is a bit silly that the obvious error in this position even needs to be pointed out. The statement “truth is relative” is itself an absolute statement. A Christian world view considers truth to be absolute. This need not be a subject that gets brushed aside by the uncritical mind as too esoteric to debate. This subject only needs some common sense. Truth is that which corresponds to reality. But truth cannot be comprehended in isolation. Truth needs authority and love as companions. In our commentary on truth we will discuss the implications of truth being relative or absolute from a materialist and Christian world view, noting the significance of authority and love in each.Evolution: The intent of this commentary will be to show that evolution is a world view and not a scientific theory. Scientific theory depends on repeatable phenomenon, whether in or outside the lab. A process proposed to occur over millions of years intervals is not a repeatable process. Furthermore, one needs to question why the primary example in high school textbooks of evolution (the changing of color by the peppered moth) was a fake. I do not intend to be inflammatory here. My intent is to raise questions. Why lie if the theory is sound? This commentary will document this fact, as it has been well covered in the scientific journals. This article will also point readers to the significance of scientific journal articles where the articles must first be peer-reviewed before acceptance. Finally, this article will explain, validate, and demonstrate that the concept of irreducible complexity literally means evolution could not have happened.Prophecy: If the dominant theory of the day, materialistic evolution, has serious shortcomings, what does an alternative, Christianity, bring to the table? How strange that almost all the material on prophecy in our culture comes in the form of a Discovery Channel piece on the esoteric Nostradamus. Nostradamus is no better than the horoscopes one finds in any newspaper. The Bible, a roughly 2,000-page book, has in the neighborhood of 400 pages of prophecy. And we are talking names and dates. Imagine this. Ask yourself a question: Who can tell the future? Most people will say, “Only God.” This is correct. Now, if we find 400 pages of prophecy in the Bible, it’s not too hard to conclude who wrote this book.Resurrection: This is a fascinating subject to consider from a world view perspective. Who would possibly believe that someone has actually risen from the dead? Actually, millions of people have believed this through the ages. They have believed it for one reason: It is true. In this article we will demonstrate the truth of this claim beyond question. Only those who come with a predetermined materialist world view could deny it, but by this time in the series it will be realized that a materialist world view cannot stand.Evil. This is also a fascinating subject to consider from a world view perspective. How would a materialist even address this subject? Rape and murder from a materialist point of view are not evil, they are simply the result of the gene, a series of amino acids, seeking to dominate. You know, survival of the fittest. Articles supporting this point of view are already appearing in the psychology journals. Killing off those who are inferior and reproducing by force are perfectly consistent with a materialist point of view. The Christian world view gives an entirely different answer to the question of evil, an answer at once more satisfying and terrifying.So, please look forward to thinking, and particularly, to thinking about your world view.The Rev. Bob Branden is pastor of the newly founded Eagle Bible Church, which meets Sunday mornings in the Eagle Valley High School auditorium. Commentaries on different world views are welcome. Send yours by e-mail to editor@vaildaily.comVail, Colorado

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