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When casual no longer cuts it

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Q: I have become attached to my casual lover. He doesnt want more but still wants to be with me.A: Casual sex generally leads to complicated sex (you must be young or you would know this)! Once the sex becomes complicated and the emotions change, there is no going back to casual. Ive had a few friends who thought they could handle casual sex but in the end they demanded more and the relationship quickly turned ugly. It is definitely time for you to consider this relationship over. Yes, you can drag it out for a while and beg him to want more but then you will just be humiliating yourself. Look at it this way, its better to know now that he doesnt want anything more because if he led you on you would be really unhappy. If you just arent ready to let go of him then suck it up, accept it for what it is and maybe, just maybe, he might surprise you by saying he wants more but dont hold your breath. The truth is, people who really enjoy casual sex for any length of time are freaky so my advice is to be strong and move along! Q:My boyfriend falls asleep as soon as we are done making love. It really upsets me!A:He and millions of other men! I admit there are a few women out there who roll over and fall asleep, I know because I am one of them (just ask my ex). So, now that I have confessed let me explain to you that its nothing personal. I repeat its nothing personal! Making love is an exhausting athletic event and some of us just get worn out so snoozing is unavoidable. I think you will agree that he does most of the work so to expect him to sit and have a conversation after such exertion is ridiculous! Falling asleep is better than turning on the television when you are done so be thankful he doesnt do that! The only solution is that you both make an effort to understand each other and maybe youll be pleasantly surprised when one night he strikes up a conversation after lovemaking. At any rate, all of you out there who roll over and snore try to be more considerate to your partner or you might find yourself sleeping on the sofa. Contact the Venus at: valley_venus@hotmail.com you will remain anonymous!

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