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When doing the right thing goes very wrong

Marty Lich

Should we be concerned when our federal employers do everything right and things still go very wrong?

That is what happened to the Eagle County School District recently and they followed the law. They are in good company, the Denver International Airport and the Colorado Air Force Academy found themselves in the same position with a multitude of illegal alien employees who had utilized stolen identities and false papers.

What they learned was their employees’ “work eligibility” papers raised no suspicions.

What the federal employers did not know about their illegal alien employees is who they actually were.

I have found it disconcerting to know illegal aliens are so comfortable in the knowledge that they are untouchable in America that they openly declare to our law enforcement officials that they are illegal immigrants. Remember the September 11 ringleader and illegal alien, Mohammed Atta, who was ticketed in Florida for driving without a license. His partner, Ziad Samir Jarrah, also had received a speeding ticket in Maryland two days before the terrorist attack.

I find it to be a terrible breach in our country’s security to know these illegal aliens are even more at ease today with their misdemeanor unlawfulness that they feel invincible enough to apply for federal government jobs with bogus information all the while knowing they will undergo background checks. Worse yet, they pass their background checks. We know that in “Operation Tarmac,” an ongoing Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation, our United States agents have identified over 5,800 unauthorized airport workers but have detained only 1,100 to date.

We know the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, James Loy, told our Congress that several al-Qaeda leaders believe their operatives can pay their way into the country through Mexico and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry.

We know that the president of the National Border Patrol Council, T.J. Bonner, said our Border Patrol has reliable information that there are terrorists assimilating the culture and learning the language of South America to blend in with Mexicans crossing the border.

And finally that Senator Dianne Feinstein recently stated that we really don’t know who comes into this country illegally over the Southwest border. She is correct, we don’t.

Illegal aliens are working with our children, working at our airports, working at our nuclear facilities and working at our high-security armed forces bases and the bottom line is we do not know who they really are.

It took only 20 9-11 terrorists out of millions of American residents to kill 3,000 people.

Perhaps more are here now, working at our high-security federal jobs, residing in our towns, attending our American colleges. We do not really know. What we do know after the fact is that they can be illegal alien visa college students, like one of the 9-11 terrorists, Hani Hanjour, now deceased. That they can be black illegal alien mass-murderers like Lee Boyd Malvo, now housed for life in our federal prison. That some are of the white race, such as Patrick Graber, who offered to kill Kobe Bryant’s victim for a fee. He is in a state jail now. We have quite the diversified races of illegal aliens residing among us. Some are dangerous.

Until we secure our borders, we are not secure at all.

Our president cannot set a “guest worker” plan in motion, pardoning all who now live here until we know who these “guests” actually are. Al-Qaeda knows we do not know and we know that our government has no idea either. For if they did, an illegal immigrant school district employee by the name of Elsa Marquez Perez, dead for 35 years according to her social security number, would not have passed her CBI background check. Dying in 1971 should have raised some suspicions regarding current employment.

We must never forget 9-11. Doing everything right can go very wrong. VT

Marty Lich is a Gypsum resident and a regular columnist for The Vail Trail. E-mail comments about this column to editor@vailtrail.com

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