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Where film abets social change

Wren Wertin
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Recycling is only the beginning – or the middle, depending on your perspective.

The Environmental Film Series has given Vail residents an on-going opportunity to explore, through the entertaining medium of film, ways to live a greener life. It’s not exclusively about land use or water issues, but about bringing a sense of community to communities, within a socially responsible framework.

Today, “In the Light of Reverence” and “Beyond Organic” will be shown in the Berry Creek Middle School auditorium at 6:30 p.m. The $5 admission includes the movies, organic snacks and juice.

“In the Light of Reverence” is a portrait of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West. It delves into the story of three tribes and the land they struggle to protect: the Hopi of the Four Corners area, the Lakota of the Black Hills and the Wintu of northern California.

While exploring the stories, the filmmakers illustrate multiple viewpoints, cultures and beliefs about land use through dialogue and rather startling cinematography. According to Robert Redford, the film is a wake-up call for anyone “who cares about the environment and human rights and deserves every opportunity to reach a broad and diverse audience.” The film is 56 minutes.

“Beyond Organic” looks at a different side of land use – food. Using Fairview Gardens in Goleta, Calif. as a model, the film explores community supported agriculture within a densely populated area. Michael Ableman’s 12-acre farm has been feeding people for more than 20 years in a sustainable way. The film is 33 minutes.

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