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Where have I heard that before?

Wren Wertin
Martha Robinson, bassoonist for the Glenwood Symphony, practices with her one-year-old daughter Lydia. Jim Noelker photo

practices with her 1-year-old daughter Lydia.|Special to the Daily/Jim Noelker

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Symphony of the Valley is rolling into town armed with brass, strings and passion. The orchestra performs at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

“Part of our mission is to bring music to the valley,” said Marice Doll, director of the symphony. “There’s a lot of bluegrass and country western and jazz. Those venues are filled, though there isn’t a lot of classical. We’re the only game in town – the only game in the valleys.”

Symphony of the Valley is a community orchestra, 65 members strong. They volunteer their time in order to be involved in playing and performing the music they love.

“They rehearse every week,” said Doll. “Nobody pays them, they just come for the love of the music, the experience of expression. This is the only place they get to play classical music. One gal plays the cello in her late 70s, and one kid is in grade school.”

The symphony often has some sort of theme to their concerts. In the past, they’ve focused on such things as World War II veterans, pops and movie themes.

“This year we’ve been doing familiar themes,” she said. “Music you know you’ve heard before, but you don’t know where.”

Works to be performed include Handel’s “Music for the

Royal Fireworks,” Corelli’s “Adagio and Allegro,” Verdi’s “March from Aida”and Brahms’ “Academic Festival Overture.”

For the first time, the 18-member Valley Youth Orchestra will be playing with the symphony.

“Basically, musicians have to perform,” said Doll. “You can only practice so much. Eventually you have to do what you were meant to do – play for others.”

The Valley Youth Orchestra is directed by Lorraine Curry. She began the group in order to introduce young musicians to classical music. The kids vary in age from 10 to 18.

“She wants to give them a voice and start educating them now to play with symphony sounds,” explained Doll.

Wendy Larson, Symphony of the Valley conductor, has the same goal for her orchestra. One of the charter members of the group, she’s earned a reputation for her charismatic performances.

“When the symphony gets rocking, she does too,” said Doll. “When they’re swinging, she starts swinging.”

Eagle County musicians

Nancy Wright, flute

Loren Couch, trumpet

Hille Elwood, French horn

Lisa Siegert-Free, French horn

Troy Golden, percussion

Glenn Harakal, violin

Julii Kramer, cello

Kelly Mitchell, violin

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