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Where the musician leads

Daily Staff Report
Special to the DailyArnie J. Green plays the Coyote Cafe.

Guitarist and bassist Arnie J. Green is stopping in Beaver Creek for an off-season show at the Coyote Cafe. The music starts at 10 p.m.

Born in the Azores Islands off Portugal in 1957, Green was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. His surroundings steeped him in both secular and religious musical influences, lit by talented family members and fueled by a southern roots neighborhood that simmered with traditional African-American music.

Green has been in the business professionally since an early age, working the San Francisco bay area. In the early ’70s he played solo acoustic in coffee houses, earning attention from audiences with anything from blues to Led Zeppelin covers.

From there he went to work with the Fat Dan Band, where fine-tuned his ear for arrangement and composition. He began opening for the likes of David Grisman, Norton Buffalo and Tom Fogerty.

He wore a myriad of musical hats through the ’80s, and finally came to the Colorado Rockies in 1992. He’s shared the stage with Koko Taylor, Victor Wooten, The Radiators, Ian Moore, David Wilcox and Zero, among others. His band, Arnie J. Green with Shoes, has established themselves as a highly rhythmic project.

“I’m there to take that audience where I’m going,” he is quoted in his press material. “I’m there to win them over, to convince them that what I’m doing is valid and relates to them. If by what I do I can convey to other people where I’m at and ideally where they’re at – and point out to people we all get to feel this way, good or bad at one time or another then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.”

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