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Where to park at Vail trailheads, then?

Susan Lynch
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is off-season, right? The time of year where there is no one around, the mountain is closed, the Vail golf course is closed, the the shops are empty or closed, as are many of the restaurants, and the North Trail is closed.

You would think that the town would appreciate any visitor to town this time of year. I came up for a couple days of hiking and parked at the base of Davos.

Upon my return, I found that I had a parking ticket. You would think that the the local police would have better things to do than ticket cars that are parked half-on a very small dirt parking area for Davos, my alternative for the North Trail being closed.

I do follow the rules of the North Trail being closed from April 15-June 15. So where am I to go? Davos is a wonderful alternative — good cardio, distance and views.

The police are very much aware of what cars belong in town by running their plates. I am from El Paso County (Colorado Springs) and do visit Vail on a regular basis (and spend lots of money here.)

Yes, I am aware of the “No Parking on the Streets, but it’s a cul-de-sac, off-season, it’s 60-70 degrees and people are out, there’s no snow on the roads, and there’s no parking available in one of the few hiking areas of town.

Give the hikers a break. If the hiking trails are closed and there’s limited parking at the few areas there are open, then let us park! We aren’t blocking anything or preventing the snow plows from doing their duty.

We’re adults and we know better. We just want to get outside on a beautiful day, get a little exercise and walk our dogs.

I will return to Vail, and spend my money. I’ve already bought my second Epic Pass and had to go to Eagle to play golf.

But your parking “committee” should give a little consideration to your off-season visitors, and where we can park while enjoying the beautiful town that you have.

Susan Lynch

Colorado Springs

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