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Where’s the camera?

When I lived in Southern California I was always getting in one Bowling Tournament or another. I’d been asked by 3 different guys to bowl this Tournament. It turned out I qualified with all of them, much to my own amazement!

The finals were on a Saturday, starting at 6 pm. Around 9 am I got tired of counting the minutes, anxiously awaiting for 5 pm to come ’round, so I could bowl.

I decided to head to Huntington Beach and get my mind off bowling, if I could. It worked! Gorgeous sky, surf and guys! I left the beach, heading for my Tournament about 3 that afternoon.

Since I’d qualified with 3 partners, the Tournament director said I would just bowl one set of games and my total series would be joined with all my partners. A bit sun-burned that was great news to me!

86 bowlers had qualified, and it was a Full House. After practice and high fives all ’round…it was time for some serious fun!

First ball, first frame…I let my 16#’r loose with high hopes of a strike, to get started. IT BROKE! In 3 places!

I stood there like a mummy, just starin’ at it! The entire bowling alley was dead silent!

My pride and joy … my working ammunition into this Tournament was wobblin’ ’round like a broken egg! Talk about shock! Then it dawned on me – Candid Camera.

That’s it!

I’m on Candid Camera and that ball just looks like my ball! I started roaring! Grabbin’ my knees, even, I was laughin’ so hard. Which, of course, brought the house to tears with laughter!

The funny thing was, I wasn’t on Candid Camera! It really was my bowling ball! My bowling bag had sat in my Dodge Colt, which had loads of windows in it. The car was like an oven and the heat destroyed my ball.

I grabbed a house ball. Another 16#’r, which was pretty hard for me to grip. My hands aren’t as big as a guys. One of my partners bowled really well and we finished with a 1316 scratch series and

took 1st Place, winning $600 each. Which was fantastic! I went straight to the Pro-Shop and bought another ball!

News flash! Don’t ever leave your bowling bag stored in a vehicle! In this state it would undoubtedly turn it’s inside to ice, which is just as bad as heat, for a bowling ball.

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