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Where’s the change?

Terry Quinn
Eagle, CO, Colorado

What do you think of Obama’s cabinet choices so far? Like hotel queen Leona Helmsly, they think paying taxes is just for the little people. And New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson may have been caught doing a Spiro Agnew.

I thought BHO was going to bring “change” (the good kind) to Washington. But his stimulus bill is just a collection of pork barrel items and crackpot schemes, put together by the same old gang of crooks, special interests and heavy breathers. Congress’ approval rating was in single digits before this started. Will it go up, or will it go down?

I say cut taxes, and if the government is going to spend any money, let it be to fund loans directly to borrowers who qualify under the old rules. Banks can be hired to administer those loans, as long as they give up the excessive executive pay and perks. We don’t buy toxic loans.

Let those who made them eat them. If that puts a bank under, its middle management personnel can handle the new loans, as part of a Chapter 11 type insolvency proceeding. The failed banks can keep their doors open to service depositors and handle the new loans.

Terry Quinn

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