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Where’s the money, Ginnturn?

Frank Lorenti
Mintrun, CO, Colorado

Minturn, I told you it was going to start getting good again in Ginnturn and yes Town Council, by your proven action or inaction it is Ginn-turn.

Now we have more inaccuracies being spread about our promised money. The total money promised Minturn was $180 million, and the recreation center is $6 million, not $11 million.

Two golf courses and a ski resort have been approved not discussed as well as 1,700 homes. That is according to signed contracts, whatever those are worth.

How Minturn came up with the $180 million years ago is beyond me. Our Minturn town treasurer, Jay Brunvand, told me that he can make 2+2=6.

A Web site reader of mine recommended that I read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” I did. I believe it. It is what is happening in Minturn.

The $180 million is the number they used before the vote, so that is the number I will always use.

After over a year of me putting public pressure on Minturn to come down hard on Ginn, they finally might.

Let’s step back and look at the big picture. Gary Suiter backed and pushed for the Ginn annexation. He said Ginn had water; we now know Ginn doesn’t. Gary also contributed on the bad contract for Ginn annexation.

Now Gary, about two weeks before he leaves Minturn, wants to get tough with Ginn. Maybe the town is showing some backbone. I just question the timing and will see if they follow through or if it just helps to pad Gary’s resume.

I hope that any town looking to hire Gary as a consultant will drive through Minturn and see that nothing has changed since Gary has been here. That is not good. The voters voted for change. Of course, Gary has helped Ginn with a sweetheart contract for Ginn. Maybe there is a consulting position in Ginn’s company for Gary. Neither person cares about the local citizenry.

The Town Council is now whining that they did not know that any money made in the general improvement district was to go to pay back Ginn first before Minturn.

Is the Minturn council really admitting, again, that they are that ignorant and do not understand the contract they signed? Yes!

No developer gives his money away. They set up a program, GID, to get paid back.

That $180 million is not really Ginn’s. It will be the people that will buy and pay taxes in his development or property bought and sold like the Forest Land. Why do you think he doesn’t want to give us any money yet? Because he doesn’t know when he will get paid back.

More hard-hitting facts are at http://www.minturntimes.com, and the truth.

I am happy to see that Ginn will lose out on his bid for the Columbine Ditch water.

My personal agenda is to be able to walk or ride my bike with my children safely in Minturn. To raise my family in a fair and just, small town in America. Where laws are followed equally for everybody, not by what your name is. Where the average citizen can speak up, which is our right under the Constitution, and not be black listed. To get the $180 million that 87% of the misled citizens want.

Frank Lorenti


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