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Whirled Peas Grill lands at the Vail Golf Club

Austin Richardson
Vail, CO, Colorado
AE whirled peas KA 7-24-07

Watch out for the red-winged black bird on hole No. 2 of the Vail Golf Course, it’ll steal any unattended food items. Magpies and crows also hover around the tee box. Like golfers, these birds are on the hunt for a quick and easy meal.

Lucky for the hungry, Whirled Peas recently opened shop at the Vail Golf Club. The Denver based catering company turned restaurant serves up sandwiches, wings and nachos, along with weekly specials.

“(We serve) all bar and golf course food,” said Jeff Carson, chef and manager at Whirled Peas. “When you get off the golf course, you don’t necessarily want duck or fois gras.”

That said, the bar food Carson serves his high quality and he said they take pride in everything they do.

“These are the best sandwichs we can make,” Carson said.

The Vail Golf Club’s signature dish is the adobo chicken sandwich, which is an adobo chili rubbed chicken breast served on a ciabatta bun. The sandwich is finished off with chipolte mayo and lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado. Another popular item is the Thai Chicken Wrap, which is a spinach tortilla filled with grilled vegetables, including squash, asparagus, zucchini, red onion and roasted peppers. The wrap is completed by adding romaine, Thai-marinated chicken, fried rice noodles and peanut sauce.

On the lighter side, Whirled Peas also offers a variety of salads ” mixed greens, Ceasar, orzo pasta salad, and the “Kitchen Sink Cobb Salad.” Several regulars ordered the cobb salad for lunch, noting it is one of the best salads around.

Lenny Bloom, a 19-year valley resident, who works as a starter ranger at the golf course is hooked on the capicola ham sandwich.

“It’s good food at a good price,” he said.

He said the new restaurant is a “good change” from previous proprietors, noting that the food was never bad, but also never this good.

“If an item is not getting good response we’ll change the menu,” Carson said, adding that he’s open to special orders. “Everyone has their own special way they like it, so we accommodate each of them.”

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