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Whistler preparing to host Chinese

Allen Best

WHISTLER, B.C. – Whistler recently had 5,000 copies of a brochure printed in Mandarin, the official language of the People’s Republic of China. The brochures are to be distributed at trade shows in China.In such small but tangible ways, Whistler is gearing up for the arrival of Chinese from the mainland once the Canadian and Chinese governments agree to the requirements for travel visas. That agreement is expected to be finalized by next summer, according to Cindy Gobin, tourism B.C.’s market development manager for Asia.Gobin told Pique newsmagazine that Chinese know of Whistler and do not find the transportation to be an impediment. Language is another matter. “They’re still a little hesitant to come, knowing there aren’t the language services they need in Whistler.” Attention is being given to creating menus in Mandarin.Meanwhile, a new report from the Canadian report shows that visits by Americans were down during October, but those from Asia were up.Pub crawl ended in stabbingMOUNTAIN VILLAGE, Colo. – A year ago, a college student was stabbed with a steak knife in sedate Mountain Village after making the rounds of the bars in nearby Telluride.Alcohol exacerbated a pre-existing animosity between the two men, both college students from California, explains The Telluride Watch. Eyewitness accounts found neither man hewed to the high road of behavior that evening. However, when attacked by the larger man, the smaller man pulled the knife.The victim, a student of biology, nearly bled to death. As is, he lost use of his writing hand and will never participate in the sports in which he once excelled. The student with the knife, whose probable career as a lawyer has now been placed on hold, maybe forever, was required to pay $12,000 in medical bills and has now been sentenced to two months at the county jail in Telluride. He has also been ordered to write a letter of apology to the victim and perform 200 hours of community service.As well, the judge encouraged but did not force the knife-wielder to offer his services to his victim for everything from taking notes in classes to driving.But both, he made clear, were guilty of bad judgment. “It was a bar crawl,” said District Court Judge James Schum. “You egged each other on. We probably would not be here if you had not consumed alcohol.”Vail, Colorado

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