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Whistler urged to look south for labor

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

WHISTLER, B.C. The usual solution to labor shortages in the United States has been to look south of the border. In Canada, a professor for Simon Fraser University told a crowd in Whistler recently that the resort should do the same. But instead of Mexico, visiting professor Ashley Bennington said the United State is an attractive locale for employees.For the first time the Americans are seeing Canada as an attractive place to live, he said. Most applications have come from the nearby Seattle-Bellingham area, reports Pique Newsmagazine.

BANFF, Alberta – Residents and visitors at Banff have been warned to be on the lookout for cougars in the wake of several recent sightings.Recently, a man was on his stomach taking photos of wildflowers when a cougar approached to within 20 feet. The cougar was believed to be merely curious, and not hungry, and soon fled, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook.This guy acted aggressively, throwing some sticks at the cougar, and thats the proper approach, said Ron LeBlanc, Banff park warden. If you encounter a cougar at short range, pick up small children and pets. Whatever you do, dont play dead, crouch down, or run.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. Brad Udall, who directs the Boulder, Colo.-based Western Water Assessment, describes a bleak outlook for water supplies in western North AmericanWater has long been a zero-sum game in the West, Udall said at a recent meeting of the Western Governors Association in Jackson Hole. Climate change introduces the possibility that it will become a negative-sum game.Altogether there were 13 governors from the western states, plus premiers from 5 Canadian provinces. The governors talked about wildlife, energy and water, among other things.Udall suggested that traditional water storage solutions, including reservoirs, will play a role in the future of water management in the West, but added that new solutions will also be necessary.Those solutions may include broader implementation of water recycling systems, increased efficiency in municipal water use, and a new focus on water when planning power plants and other energy generating facilities, as they often use large amounts of water.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS Although the real estate market in Steamboat has slowed like a car downshifting to second, the broader guess is that the boom will continue. One manifestation of that boom has been rapidly escalating housing prices, creating a familiar problem: lack of affordable housing.Don’t wait, act now, was the message from Tom McCabe, executive director of the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing authority. If the community believes you have a need for affordable housing, get started now, he told a recent gathering in Steamboat attended by the Steamboat Pilot & Today. It’s only going to get more expensive.Similar advice was issued by Annie Hayden, who leads the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust. Things in Jackson have reached a tipping point, she said. Don’t get there. That would be my advice.

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