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Who needs them?

My initial thought after reading this (John Hannon’s column “Homosexuality and other aberrations”) was simply: why is this platform given to a presumptive, rambling jackass who peppers his “sentences” with overly verbose phrases, asinine tangents, and grandiose leaps of logic? It makes perfect sense then, that to wrap up this little rhinestone of wisdom (loosely called a “column”) ripping on homosexuals as both defective and wired improperly, with the obligatory reference to bestiality. On the other hand, I find it rather comforting that someone who can seem to barely hold a cognizant or linear thought pattern, finds persons such as myself “defective.” I say we genetically test all the fetuses which may be potentially “afflicted” with this non-chosen wiring problem, find the ones who have the propensity to be gay, and just abort every last one of them. It really shouldn’t be hard to kick through mandatory legislation of this sort with the sparkling personalities presently in power. Make amniocentesis mandatory for this sort of testing. I would go so far as to say we should probably do the same to people who are disabled, (screw Stephen Hawking, cripples need to die) have obvious cognitive deficits (not unlike the columnist), may like the color magenta, or may potentially fancy themselves as a window into what was obviously God’s Divine Plan™ and kerchow, case solved. Nice, shiny, happy and most importantly; “non-aberrant.”

Face it, without gay people in this world, we would be pretty much left with, “Let’s Make a Deal” and a whole hell of a lot more plaid.


Christopher Mullally

Glenwood Springs

I don’t know how many of you picked up The Vail Trail on Thursday and read old John Hannon’s column. I encourage you to do so, though. Sometimes we forget what it’s like in the real world, and John’s words are a small reminder that things still aren’t as they should be, even here in Happy Valley.

I shouldn’t be, but I’m shocked that people still think like this. To have the audacity to say that homosexuals are “wired wrong,” and comparing us to people who would rather have sex with animals. I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong that is.

You seem like a nice guy John, and believe it or not, you know me personally.

You also know a lesbian friend of mine, Eva. You wouldn’t even know either of us was gay. We live normal lives and try to make ends meet like anyone else in the world. The only difference is people like you, who make us different to the world. Why do you care what my partner and I do in our own home? The only thing that should matter to you or anyone else is that we care for one another.

I’m a good Christian man and have my faith in God. I had a very hard time in my youth trying to come to terms with being gay. Thinking I was sinning more than the next person because of how I was made. And that thought made me know it was O.K. to be gay. I was made, John. Just like you were. And I don’t believe God would make someone like me in a way he didn’t want me to be.

Sure it may not be ideal for procreation, but as Tamara Miller put it in her article (and thank you, Tamara, for being a true human and showing your compassion for us), there are people out there who are infertile, the way they were made. So obviously procreation isn’t the entire purpose for finding a mate.

I don’t speak for every gay person out there, but I know I speak for myself and on behalf of Eva. We’re glad that the closed minds of your generation are almost all gone. It’s time for a change and for people to realize that we are the way we are because we were made that way. And if you think your God would make something so wrong then I would love to hear you tell Him that. Everyone is a sinner, John, just like you, no sin is greater than the next. In the words of the big Guy “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Cast away John, cast away.

Alan DeMars


I have just read your article, “Think outside the bedroom.” Thank you for it.

You said near the end: “It’s that opponents of civil unions, gay marriage – whatever you want to call it – can’t seem to think outside the bedroom.

“They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea of two people of the same sex wanting to grow old together, to care for each other, to share their lives with each other.

“Why would anyone want to stand in the way of that?”

For those who run certain organizations, whose primary purpose for existence seems to be to demonize gays, this kind of crap is big money! They don’t worry about the lives they may destroy or the hurt they may engender. But I don’t know reasons why your Mr. Hannon likes to demonize homosexuals or how he might profit from this – after all, he is such a “godly” man who knows so much about God and God’s purposes. Where are his editorials on the likes of Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson, and Britney Spears, who constantly make a travesty of the institution of marriage?

Dr. John Shelby Spong, a great Bible scholar, says, “Diminishing life, in the name of any god, is what every prejudice does. But, God is not a Christian, a Jew, a Moslem, a Hindu or a Buddhist. Yet any of these systems leading us to a deeper humanity is of God. Similarly, systems attempting to dominate, control, persecute or kill in the service of their religion are evil!”

I am 76 years old and live with my 93-year-old partner of 24 years. (He is the first person with whom I have shared a home. I am his second. His first died of cancer after 39 years of their being together.) We have fulfilled our responsibilities as first class citizens, even served in our country’s military during times of war (Korea and WWII), and have never been in trouble with the law and have always paid our taxes. All we have asked in return is equality in the country of our births, but we have been denied anything better than second-class status. I want equality – nothing more, nothing less. We would like to achieve that status before our deaths. Is that too much to ask?


The Rev. Dr. Theodore W. Hayes (retired former Southern Baptist minister)

Stone Ridge, N.Y.

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