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Who should pay to bury power lines?

Allen Best/Special to the Daily

TELLURIDE, Colo. – Alternating current created from a tumbling mountain creek above Telluride was first channeled into a power line near Telluride in 1891 by L.L. Nunn, and from those first power lines Telluride became the first town on the planet to have electrically lighted streets.

Now, some people in the Telluride region want a new distinction – they want to be the first place where a government has ordered an electricity provider to bury the transmission lines.

But what is at issue, says The Telluride Watch (Sept. 23), is who pays for the upgrade in aesthetics. Power supplier Tri-State says the existing line must be upgraded anyway, and the new line will help those who want their views unobstructed as well as other regional consumers. As such, Tri-State wants those who benefit to help bear the cost.

San Miguel County, which is seeking to order the buried line as a condition of approval, says Tri-State customers overall should absorb the cost.

Colorado’s state government, through the Public Utilities Commission, is the arbiter in the dispute. Meanwhile, in Pitkin County, something of a similar issue seems to be going on in regards to a line for new development in Snowmass.

Woman, dog meet mountain lion

FRASER, Colo. – A woman jogging on a forested road at dawn with her 2-year-old yellow Labrador was both surprised and mortified when the dog flushed a large mountain lion.

The slinking lion appeared to be stalking the dog when the women trotted around the bend. That caused the giant cat to flee, but with the dog in pursuit. Finally, the cat turned around and swiped at the dog, drawing blood, but not much.

Speaking with the Sky-Hi News (Oct. 2), the woman said she had done everything you’re supposed to do to avoid mountain lions. That she still had the encounter, she said, was perhaps God’s purpose.

“Maybe the reason I’m here is to remind people that God sees, He Knows, and He provides all that we need every moment,” the jogger said.

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