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Who would want an electric car?

Gary Mesch
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Daily’s article Wednesday by Ms. Wong about the virtues of the electric SUV was interesting but, in typical fashion of most of today’s press, contained half or erroneous facts.

We all love the idea, but try and be honest. Electric cars are neither cost-effective, practical nor zero emission.

Without the “forgotten man” being taxed to subsidize most costs, they never can pay back the extra costs. “10 seconds of coasting puts five more minutes of driving” ” hey, that’s perpetual motion squared.

A car engine is less than half as efficient as a power plant all in costs (don’t ask about solar cost), which is good, but coal we use in Colorado produces emphysema, cancer, etc., and CO2 (which is good stuff).

Batteries are toxic waste and have relatively short life. One must plan travel carefully and exclude emergency travel altogether. Now, golf carts are way cool.

Gary Mesch


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